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As a highly-skilled, agile Force, we value people with real expertise. So if you come with a trade qualification, and you’re keen to be more than the average tradie, then the Army will give you greater responsibility and opportunity from the get go.

Where could your trade take you?

The New Zealand Army is built to take on many roles. Which is why we’re constantly on the look out for a wide range of tradespeople.

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We're looking for skilled men and women who can help with disaster relief, rebuild communities, bring stability and infrastructure to devastated countries…the scope of what we do is wide and varied. Are you ready to join us and make a difference?

No other organisation gives its personnel more responsibility in such a short space of time.

You won’t just be doing routine maintenance and repairs on the same platforms, day in day out. For one, you’ll be working on some of the most advanced equipment and vehicles in the world.

You'll also be involved in leading teams, planning and project management. These skills will stand you in good stead no matter where your career takes you.

Your world will also be bigger than a workshop or a van. Your trade could take you to all parts of the globe and give you life experiences that you can’t put a dollar figure on.

Your offer of service, starting salary and level of rank upon entry is all tailored individually to the level of qualification and experience that you have – not the fact that you’re the ‘new person’. The numbers also stack up to anything you can get on civilian street.

Types of trades available

Here’s a list of some of the trades and roles available to you if you're already qualified:

Vehicle Mechanic

Diagnose faults, repair and maintain all operational vehicles from forklifts to light armoured vehicles (LAV). You will keep the Army moving.

Electrical Fitter

Maintain and repair a vast array of electrical equipment used by the Army. You'll be a real "Jack of all trades".

Electronics Technician

Maintain the eyes and ears of the Army, working on over 200 specialised optic and electronic systems.

Maintenance Fitter

You will be responsible for maintaining and repairing a diverse range of mechanical and electrical equipment. From chainsaws to forklifts to Light Armoured Vehicles. 

Physical Training Instructor

From swimming technique to high performance sports teams and rehabilitation, as a PTI in the Army you will be able to work on a variety of different challenges with a wide range of people.


Protect both Army and Civilian personnel and equipment from fire and fire hazards. You'll respond to both energencies on base as well as in the local area.

Information Systems Officer

You'll be part of a growing technical area within the Army, working with the latest software and hardware on one of New Zealand's largest computer networks.

Systems Engineer

From local area networks and routers, to satellites and telephone exchanges, you'll be able to engineer, diagnose and repair voice and data communication equipment used by the Army.

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