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Protecting what’s precious

The Royal New Zealand Navy is group of loyal, supportive, resourceful, and highly specialised Kiwis. We take care of the maritime defence of New Zealand and its interests. We're part of the New Zealand Defence Force – a Force for New Zealand – so we work closely with the Army and Air Force, as well as with other government and non-government agencies including the Ministry for Primary Industries and New Zealand Police and Customs.

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Do something that really matters

A career in the Defence Force is unlike anything out there. You'll be working as part of a tight-knit team, protecting your family, friends, the environment and your country from harm and representing the New Zealand way of life where you go. It's an incredibly rewarding job that gives you a real sense of purpose.

Real sailors, real stories

Hear first-hand from real Navy personnel Erica and Brock. Find out what it was that drew them to the service, and the many life-changing experiences they’ve had.


Get Force Fit before you join

Getting physically prepared before you join us is easier than you might think. Force Fit is a fitness programme and app designed to get you into the right routine in just 6 weeks – and you can do it anywhere!

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Ready and capable, at home and abroad

The Navy's people and our versatile, modern ships are able to respond to a range of situations and undertake tasks such as combat operations, search and rescue, underwater recovery, trade protection and peacekeeping.

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