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Together we integrate and support the New Zealand Defence Force

Who we are

Our Civilian personnel are an important part of the Defence Force team. We play a key role in meeting the NZDF’s primary mission, supporting Defence activities at all levels, often bringing specialist expertise and performing a wide range of functions to enhance overall defence capabilities.

Defence Civilian roles are non-military roles within the New Zealand Defence Force. Our workforce includes roles from various departments such as Communications & Information Systems, Finance, Property, Human Resources, Legal Services, Public Affairs and Strategy Management, to name a few.

Why us?

Our purpose

Rewarding Career

Career Development

Lifelong friendship

Love your work


Three Services as one force, being the best in everything we do

Our mission is to secure and protect New Zealand. Our people, Civilian and Service (Navy, Army and Air Force), are fundamental to our success, working together as one for the good of New Zealand. They are our greatest asset and most important capability.

The four core values of the NZDF that represent our traditional and continuing anchors are:

  • Courage  |  Tū Kaha - Taking action despite your fears
  • Commitment  |   Tika - Giving your best
  • Comradeship  |  Tū Tira - Respecting and looking out for each other
  • Integrity  |  Tū Maia - Doing the right thing – always

Together we grow

The NZDF continues to develop a performance culture, where people are nurtured and empowered to be all that they are capable of. We encourage feedback as part of the learning process, celebrate and give recognition when tasks are done well, so you feel a sense of pride and ownership of the efforts you have contributed to the success of the NZDF.

We empower you to get the job done. The NZDF encourages you to think ahead and be open, innovative, and passionate, because we believe that the NZDF and you grow together. This success comes from mutual trust and loyalty.

Enabling our people

The NZDF focuses on developing all its personnel to reach their potential. The NZDF offers a wide range of programmes for personal and professional growth through the New Zealand Defence College.

You are encouraged to develop and extend your skills throughout your career at the NZDF.

A service provided by the New Zealand Defence College is the Learning Toolkit that focuses on:

  • Professional Development
  • Career Management
  • Mentoring
  • Study Assistance

Leaders inspire great action. The NZDF has great leaders, who will mentor and support you.

One Force, One Family

Once you join the NZDF, you will become part of the NZDF family. Comradeship is one of the three core values at the NZDF. It is an attribute that develops out of trust, learning and working together.

At NZDF you will make many friends. The NZDF culture is to respect, protect and care for each other, which helps create a strong family bond.

It matters to us

It is important to the NZDF that our personnel are healthy and happy, whether it is at work, at home or in a social environment. The NZDF has camps, bases and personnel stationed around New Zealand and deployed overseas.

Being a Civilian in the NZDF does not necessarily mean you will be stuck in an office. Most Civilian personnel get the opportunity to visit camps and bases and some will even get the chance to be deployed.

Under one roof

The NZDF aspires to be a diverse and inclusive workplace.  We welcome and value diversity of our people and their whanau/ families.  We welcome applications from people with a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and experiences.

We aim to ensure that the NZDF has a strong and inclusive workforce and that all NZDF members are able to participate, compete and be rewarded fairly regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, beliefs/opinions, or family circumstances.  It is important to the NZDF that all members and whanau/families feel they belong, are valued and encouraged to participate in NZDF life. The different life experiences that individuals and their whanau/ families bring into the NZDF adds richness to our community.


As valued members of the NZDF team, Civilian personnel have access to the following benefits.

For more information around our benefits, please click the link below.

5 weeks annual leave per year and 10 sick days per year

Training and development at every stage of your career

Free access to pools and gyms, a wide variety of sports and cultural groups

Access to a wide variety of Holiday Homes and Leave Centres at excellent rates

Fully funded life insurance, income protection and discounted health insurance

4% employer contribution and options to join NZDF’s KiwiSaver scheme

Comprehensive discount handbook for members and immediate family

Access to a financial advisory service, including mortgages and wills

How to apply

Find out what you need to join the NZDF.

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Finance, Intelligence, Health, IT, Property….we have it all!

NZDF wants your talent to help us achieve our goals and mission

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