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Part-time career, full-on rewards

The Army Reserve, formally known as the Territorial Force (TF), is a part-time job like no other. Whether your everyday life involves accounting, brick-laying, customer service, or you are a recent graduate – the Army Reserve will let you escape your everyday.

Making history

The Army Reserve is the part-time component of New Zealand’s Army and has played a significant role throughout New Zealand’s history and remains relevant today. The Army Reserve contributes internationally on operational deployments around the world and nationally to civil defence during natural disasters.

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Who we’re looking for

As a soldier in the Army Reserve, you will learn skills and gain experiences that you would never get in a civilian role. Our part-time soldiers come from all walks of life, from students to lawyers to tradespeople. Some enjoy the chance to do something different from their everyday life, and some get the opportunity to utilise their civilian expertise in a military environment.

As a reserve soldier, you will be trained in basic soldier skills which include; weapon handling, first aid, field craft, navigation, fitness training, and team work. As your part-time career advances, you will also get the opportunity to develop your leadership abilities and more complex planning skills.

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Reserves training


Mod 1

Mod 2

Mod 3

Ongoing Training

Initial training consists of three modules which equate to approximately 7 weeks of training. MOD 1 is conducted throughout the year, and MOD 2 and 3 are held once a year over the summer.

Over the course of the three modules of training, you will cover the majority of the activities that are conducted on the Regular Force All Arms Recruit Course (AARC). However, you will need to continue to develop your skills within your Reserve unit after 'march out' of MOD 3.

If a Reserve Force candidate is unable to make upcoming MOD dates, there is also the opportunity to complete a 16 week AARC with their Regular Force counterparts.




The purpose of MOD 1 is to familiarise recruits with military life. MOD 1 is conducted several times throughout the year.

See the upcoming intakes of this website for more information.

MOD 2 is a 31 day course that aims to produce a soldier capable of a fulfilling an appointment within an infantry section. It is normally run from mid to late November for one month, ending before Christmas.

During the MOD 2 you will be introduced to:

  • Drill
  • First Aid
  • Introduction to the MARS-L rifle, including maintenance. You will conduct live firing on the range in order to gain your Annual Weapon Qualification.
  • Living in a field environment, including patrolling procedures, and operating in a rifle section
  • Introduction to physical training, including the Army Required Fitness Level (RFL) test.

MOD 3 is a 21 day course, and conducted in January each year.  It is a continuation module building on skills you have learnt, and providing you with further skills to enable you to be a section member within a rifle section.

At the completion of this module, you will 'march out' as a Private (or equivalent rank) in the NZ Army. You will be ready for service and employment within your Reserve Unit.

During your final period of initial training you will:

  • Continue to develop your talent on the drill square.
  • Broaden your understanding of military law to include “The Laws of Armed Conflict”
  • Conduct the Army Required Fitness Test (RFL), swim test and timed pack walk.
  • Get an introduction to the various infantry platoon weapons systems. This involves understanding the characteristics of the weapons, basic maintenance, and their employment. You will fire the LSW machine gun, the M72 anti armoured weapon system, 40mm grenade launcher and throw the high explosive (HE) hand grenade.
  • Finally you will further develop your field-craft and battle-craft skills culminating in a field exercise where all your newly-learned skills will be tested.

After finishing your initial training, you will be required to train a minimum of 20 days per year with your Reserve unit. This usually equates to one weekend per month. Training usually begins on a Friday evening and finishes on a Sunday afternoon.

Depending on your trade and location, there may also be opportunities to attend a 'night parade' on a weeknight, and longer annual field exercises that might run for 5-10 days.

People like you

The Army Reserve is made up of every-day New Zealanders who do their normal job in the community then conduct military training in their spare time. Living, working and training in their local community the Army Reserve is the public face of New Zealand’s Army. To become a member of the Army Reserves you must have ended your Secondary School education.

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