Two new Army scholarships

The NZ Army recognises the value of tertiary study and its contribution to our organisation in a range of fields. We proudly introduced two new scholarships in 2021: a Salary Scholarship Scheme and a Graduate Incentive Scholarship Scheme.

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Kia Atamai Te Whawhai Scholarship

This is our Salary Scholarship Scheme and translates into ‘Fight Smart’. It contributes to our vision of equipping our Force to be agile in thought and action. The NZ Army values education, and this is one of many educational and training opportunities you will be offered throughout your career as a NZ Army Officer.

Prior to commencing your study you will be required to complete the New Zealand Commissioning Course. After graduating as a 2nd Lieutenant you will commence your course of study. You will be required to complete one year of service for every year of sponsored study.

The Kia Atamai te Whawhai Scholarship is available to candidates who meet the University Entrance requirements for study in their chosen field. Study is completed through Massey University (Palmerton North Campus) with study options including a broad range of degree subjects.

What is the value?

Your university fees and associated expenses will be paid, plus you will receive an annual salary. Accommodation at Linton Military Camp is available as an option, although you may make alternative arrangements.

What can I study?

A broad range of programmes and specialisations are available to study at Massey University in Palmerston North. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineering (Honours)
  • Applied Economics
  • Business
  • Arts
  • Communication
  • Science
  • Information Science
  • Sports Management
  • Sports and Exercise

Tū Ako Scholarship

This is our Graduated Incentive Scholarship Scheme and translates into ‘Higher Learning’. We recognise the time and investment you have made to upskill yourself with a tertiary degree, and this is acknowledged through the Tū Ako Scholarship.

The Tū Ako Scholarship is available to university graduates. You can apply during your final two years of study, or as a recent graduate. There is no minimum term of employment or return of service for this scholarship.

Once accepted into the Tū Ako Scholarship, you will complete the New Zealand Commissioning Course, graduate as an Officer into your chosen Corps and commence your career as a NZ Army Officer.

What is the value?

In addition to your salary, you will be reimbursed up to $40,000 over your first four years in the NZ Army. This is paid out in increments of up to $12,000 at the end of each successful year of service.

What degrees are eligible?

A broad range of degrees and specialisations are accepted.

How to apply

To be considered for these scholarships, candidates are required to submit an application to join us through our website and complete our recruitment process to determine suitability for a career as an officer in the NZ Army. This includes academic, aptitude and fitness testing; medical and security screening (including a police background check); several interviews and an officer selection board.

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