Exercise Bosslift

Exercise Bosslift enables employers to observe their employees working as a Reserve Force member on operation. Bosslift is also a chance for the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) to extend thanks to the employers of Reserves.

Employers will witness what the NZDF does on exercises and operations, such as in the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste, and gain valuable insights into the benefits that Reserve Force training brings back to your organisation.

Previous Bosslifts

Bosslift 2009: Solomon Islands

Eleven Kiwi employers from Rotorua to Timaru saw their employees in action at their ‘other job’ in the Solomon Islands during Bosslift 2009: Solomon Islands.

Bosslift 2011: Pacific Partnership

Bosslift 2012: Samoa

Bosslift 2012 observed both Regular and Reserve Force personnel, along with civilian medical specialists, delivering a range of specialist healthcare services to the people of Samoa as part of Exercise Tropic Twilight 2012


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