Support Available to You

As a valued supporter of the Reserve Forces, the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) provides the following support channels for you:

Defence Employer Support Programme

The Defence Employer Support Programme (DESP) is provided by the Directorate of Reserve Forces and Youth Development in conjunction with the TFESC to let employers know about the benefits of having employees who also undertake part-time military service.

The programme provides:

  • information for both employers and employees on rights, obligations and assistance available
  • advice for the management of relationships by employers and employees, and
  • a range of activities including opportunities for employers to view military training for themselves.

Policies and Statements of Support

Companies are encouraged to state their support for part-time military service by signing a Statement of Support. Many organisations already have a military leave policy incorporated into individual and collective agreements or in Human Resources policies. The Directorate of Reserve Forces and Youth Development can provide sample policies, please contact us.

Advice and Support Contacts

Reserve Force Units in each region and the Directorate of Reserve Forces and Youth Development in Wellington are happy to offer you assistance and advice, please contact us.

This page was last reviewed on 12 January 2012, and is current.