How You Can Help

As an employer, you can help your Reserve Force employee by allowing them time off for military training.

Without your support, many part-time military personnel can't attend valuable training exercises. New Zealand's military capability, both at home and overseas, depends on the availability of Reserve Force members.

“The success of a voluntary system of defence depends largely on the support and encouragement it receives from the Government, the employers and the general public. Without this support it can never reach a high standard of efficiency, and unless this standard is attained uneconomic expenditure is involved.”

Major-General J.E. Duigan
GOC NZ Military Forces
Annual Report to Parliament
31 July 1937

What you are asked to provide

In return for the benefits your employee will receive from military training, you are asked to provide:

  • 3 weeks leave per year for routine part-time service or training such as field exercises and weekend or evening training 
  • 3 months leave per year for whole-time service or training such as initial basic training, officer commissioning courses, short-term operations and annual exercises.

Employers are also encouraged to:

  • Grant military leave with top-up pay (the difference between military and civilian pay)
  • Consider granting additional time off for courses and operational deployments
  • Provide a CEO signed Statement of Support for employees and contractors who participate in part-time military service or training. A sample copy is available, please contact us.
  • Develop a military leave policy  and incorporate it into employees' individual and collective agreements, or in Human Resources policies.
This page was last reviewed on 29 June 2016, and is current.