The following employer's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided for your information.  If you have any questions that are not answered here, please Contact Us.

Do employers have to pay personnel on military training?

No, but many employers already do. The NZDF encourages employers to fill the gap between military and civilian pay. Here are some examples: Military leave with top-up pay: Employers pay the difference between the military pay and the employee’s salary or normal wage. In this way the employer is not paying the full amount, but the employee is not financially disadvantaged by attending training. Military leave without pay: Employers grant military leave as leave without pay. This is a good alternative for small businesses that may incur productivity losses through absences. Paid leave: Some employees use paid annual leave for training. This may cause family problems, so employers are asked to sympathetically consider the other two options.
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Why do the Reserve Forces need the support of employers?

Without your support, many part-time military personnel can’t attend valuable training exercises. New Zealand’s military capability both at home and overseas depends on the availability of Reserve Force members. Some employers find it difficult to absorb employee absences, especially small business owners. But there are other ways you can help - for example, some employers negotiate a lesser, but sustainable, amount of military leave with employees.
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How much time off is required?

The amount of time off required depends on the activity, and is a matter of negotiation between the Reserve and their employer. Normally, Reserves need to attend an annual exercise lasting 2 weeks. Reserves need to train for at least 20 days per year, but much of the remainder is made up of night parades and weekend activities, with additional optional activities such as promotion courses and exercises. Employers are asked to grant 2 weeks military leave per year to enable these activities to be attended. United Nations (UN) or other peacekeeping tours require up to 9 months extended leave of absence without pay.
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Do Reserves have to tell their employer about their military activities?

No. The decision about whether or not to tell their employer is left up to the individual employee.
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