Sapper Ricky Holton

Sapper Ricky Holton is an Auckland based electrical apprentice who has found that Kiwi co-host provided him with what he needed to get ahead at work and in life and all while he was being paid and having an adventure he could not have had in any other way.

"I found Kiwi co host one of the best things that I have ever done.

The opportunity came at the perfect time.  I was in what I call ‘hump year’ during my apprenticeship, (it felt like it would take forever to get to the end of my apprenticeship, it was like I was stuck in an endless loop of doing the same thing).

Kiwi co host not only gave me a much needed break from the monotony but it also gave me  skills that will last a life time and was great character building.  I gained in self confidence and learned how to clearly display my ideas at work by getting straight to the point.  When I returned from my Army Basic Training, my work reports improved ten fold.  I went from average to a top apprentice, I was given more responsibilities and was able to handle them without stress.
The main thing I like about the Army is it gives you the chance to do things that you’d never normally get to do.  You go from normal day life to doing something that’s almost out of this world because it’s so different to anything else I have in my life.  Being in the TF is like having two lives; working the 9 to 5 as an apprentice one day and then being out on patrol as a soldier the next.  I like to say I’m getting the best of both worlds, a stable career and good trade in the civilian world and adventure and life skills in the weekend with the Army.
The skills that I have learned through the Army aren’t just helpful for army life, they are useful at home and work and will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Through the army I get to give back to the community and the country that I love so much.  I have been deployed to assist after the Christchurch earthquake and on operation Rena.  Some of them weren’t the easiest or the best tasks but the feeling of being out amongst the community and giving a hand to those in need was incredible.
What I’ve got from Kiwi co-host is a whole lot of great memories, a lot of new mates and some fantastic skills. I’d recommend Kiwi co-host to any apprentice looking to push themselves, wanting to develop new skills and looking for adventure and the chance to do something different."

This page was last reviewed on 16 October 2014, and is current.