Kiwi co-Host boosts NZDF support for industry

In May 2010, with the global financial crisis causing layoffs and job losses and the economy slowing, the NZDF signed an agreement with three apprentice training organisations to create a scheme called Kiwi co-Host.

Sapper Ricky Holton

Sapper Ricky Holton is an Auckland based electrical apprentice who has found that Kiwi co-host provided him with what he needed to get ahead at work and in life and all while he was being paid and having an adventure he could not have had in any other way.

Kiwi Co-Host enables apprentices to join the TF and undertake trade training with the Army if those apprentices were laid off or projects they had been relying on for trade training were cancelled.

The initiative was seen at the time as being a gesture of support by the NZDF for industry and training while at the same time being beneficial to the NZDF by bringing skilled tradespeople into uniform, as reservists where they could be utilised at short notice in disaster relief or similar situations.

The agreement was signed with ETCO (The electricians training organisation), Masterlink (responsible for training plumbers) and Competenz (Fitters and Turners).  Every year recruiters speak to the three groups and sign up keen apprentices in time for the December and February TF intakes.

So far 36 apprentices have joined their local TF units from Auckland to Invercargill and of those, six have required support in the form of full time work from the NZDF (which has been provided) due to cancellation of projects they were on or similar issues they were facing in finding work.  This employment is made available in six week blocks and ensures the apprentice does not fall behind in their training.

This page was last reviewed on 3 November 2014, and is current.