Reserve Internship Scheme

The Reserve Internship Scheme is aimed at NZDF Reservists who are about to complete their tertiary education. It is an invaluable opportunity to obtain paid and relevant work experience within Headquarters NZDF.

Reserve Internship Scheme participants - PTE Nolan and PTE Jones.

Interns from the 2014/2015 scheme - Private Liam Nolan (interned with Defence Public Affairs) and Private Tim Jones (Army General Staff).

HQ NZDF Internships 2016

Are you a serving Reservist about to complete your university studies?
Want to learn more about what the NZDF does in your area of study?

The NZDF is accepting applications for the Reserve Force Internship Scheme with a closing date of 2 September 2016.

The HQ NZDF Reserve Force Internship Scheme (RIS) will provide selected NZDF Reservists with an internship at NZDF bases across New Zealand.

Interns will be placed where their individual skills can best be used and the intern can be exposed to opportunities to further a military or civilian career with the NZDF.

At the end of the 14 week placement, applicants receive a final report/reference from their sponsor branch. The report is detailed and covers position title, position description, experience gained, task/projects completed, skills acquired, strengths displayed and a general comment from the supervisor.

Eligibility Criteria

Twelve internships are available to tertiary students who:

  • are NZDF Reservists, of PTE or LCPL rank and are from either the Navy, Army or Air Force
  • are in their 2nd or final years of study
  • are available for 14 weeks from 14 November 2016 to 27 February 2017
    (individual start and finish dates are able to be negotiated to suit academic commitments)
  • are not in paid civilian employment 
  • agree to wear civilian clothes for the duration of the internship.


  • Interns will be paid their Reserve Force salary, up to a maximum of 8 hours per day.
  • Interns are not to work weekends.
  • All public holidays are unpaid.
  • Interns are offered full board accommodation at the nearest military base to their place of employment.
  • Interns are offered a daily train pass to and from their place of work to their nearest military base.
  • Travel expenses to and from either university or home locations will be met by NZDF at the beginning and end of the internship.
  • Travel expenses to and from home location (stated on initial application form) will be met by NZDF for Christmas leave.  Christmas leave is unpaid.


The RIS is managed by the Directorate of Reserve Forces and Youth Development (DRFYD), Freyberg House, HQNZDF, Wellington.

For any queries please contact us.

Selection Criteria

Applicants from any academic discipline will be considered. Specific placement opportunities exist for law, HR, science and commerce graduates.

1. Security Clearance
Interns must have an NZDF (CV) security clearance
prior to application.

2. Application Process

  1. Contact us for an application form
  2. Applications to be endorsed and sent to by applicant’s chain of command
  3. Applications to include:
    i. Completed application form
    ii. Covering letter, outlining why you would like to work at NZDF on a Reserve Internship
    iii. CV – current, including all academic, sporting and cultural achievements.
  4. Interviews will be held for short-listed applicants.  The interview will be either by phone or in person.
  5. Final day for applications:  02 September 2016
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